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Jot down.

While using Mind-Objects you can discuss and take notes effortless at the same time.
It’s like pen and paper, but better. Structure, refine or share your notes in an astonishingly new way!


It has never been so easy to refine your thoughts! With Mind-Objects we support you in your process of thinking like no one else did before. Just touch your ideas and move them quickly where you need them. With no space restrictions!


Show and discuss your ideas with others! Use the freeform nature of a whiteboard to talk about it. Dynamically modify the structure as the conversation evolves.
Share your notes using popular tools.


Sketching and Writing is as simple as it is using paper.

Present your ideas to others.

Your thoughts are tangible: simply touch your sketches to edit them.

Work together - evolve your ideas.

Scale and move your thoughts easily.

Share your work with others!

Voices of our Users

“Mind-Objects supports our creative process in an ideal way. Any kind of idea can be noted easily and edited quickly in a completely digital workflow.”


Christoph Jochheim, Head of Product Management at Offerista Group GmbH

“With Mind-Objects we finally have a digital whiteboard to visualize our thoughts in a great, simple and powerful way.

Refining and restructuring information is no big deal anymore.”

Robert Richter, Head of Software Engineering at SAXOPRINT GmbH

“Mind-Objects is a great tool to quickly sketch new designs during the early stages of solution development.”


Michael Müller, Director Software Development at Cognitec Systems GmbH

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